Video Promotion for Your Business

2014_VideoMany young business owners ask about how to market themselves online, and we share that video is the number one driver of engagement across digital platforms and portals, it educates, informs, inspires, and engages and its fun.

YouTube is less than 10 years old and incredibly popular because it is a way for us to connect to others emotionally. Think about your favorite commercials and videos. Why are they so great?  What keeps you watching?

During Denver Startup Week in the last part of September, there was a session called “Entrepreneurship, Technology, & Media: How to tell your story and engage through video” that offered great industry tips, which we’ll share here.  The panelists provided wonderful guidance: Benjamin Jones from Image Brew, Madeline Pollack from Pollack Productions, Erika Trautman from Rapt Media, and moderator Michael Haskins from Haskins Law Group.

You are only ready to make a video when you have a mission statement for your business and have identified your target market.  If you need help with those, go here and here to get started.

The three things to think about when you are ready to make a video for your business:

  1. Make sure it will connect emotionally with the audience. It should be funny, clever, entertaining, and not necessarily about the features and benefits of your product or service. A video is a story of who you are more than your product.  Spending more money to make a video does not equal better story telling.
  2. It needs creative brainstorming. Think backwards about what the end product will look like, and write a script and think about what the style of the video will look like. A video is an opportunity to connect. Don’t rehearse too much, because it can be boring. You do need a script to plan out the style and story though.
  3. It should have a quality look and feel. This is important but not always necessary. Repetition works! More content! More frequency! The advice is to make 5 cheap video vs. 1 fancy video.  Be creative about where you shoot the video. Can you make a studio in your basement? Paint a wall in the garage for a white background? DIY!

Time Recommendations:

30 seconds – 5min

Less than 2 minutes is a great goal. Make the video as short as possible while keeping the value of your story. Focus on what you want the viewer to take away from the message. You lose 40%-60% of viewers in the first few seconds so grab their attention!

Online editing courses:

Adding music:


If you have a video that has worked well for your business, share it with us below! We’d love to see your success!

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