marketingGetting the word out about your business is really the only way to sell.  This is marketing — everything a business does to come to the marketplace and exchange goods and services for money.


There are “4 P’s of Marketing” to learn about:

  • Product – This is the mix of what you’re selling; it could be 5 different colors of the same thing, or 3 different sizes of something.
  • Place – Where are you going to sell?  Selling at the pool during the summer is very different than selling out of your locker during school.
  • Price – How much will you charge so that you make a profit?  Getting the word out about your price will be important if you have nearby competitors.
  • Promotion – How will you spread the word?  Will you rely on word-of-mouth, or will you actively promote through social media and flyers?

A simple and low-cost way to promote is through email marketing.  Use one of these email marketing services to share photos, stories, products, and contact information:


Many companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars in promotion to get the word out.  For a startup, that’s nearly impossible.  instead, try these five free ways to market your business.

  1. Social Media – Post photos of your products, mention discounts on your services, and generally spread the word to your friends and family.
  2. Press – Local newspapers and TV stations are always looking for fun new story ideas.  Reach out to your local media if you’re creating a new product or service, especially if you’ve got a great visual of you selling.
  3. Your Website – Once you’re up and running, send as many people as possible to your website to see your products or sign up for your services.
  4. In-Person Outreach – Printed flyers, ringing doorbells, getting your parents to mention it to their friends — these are all great (FREE!) ways to let others know about your business.

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