Start a Business During the Holidays

School will be out for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and there are plenty of things to do around the house.  Here are four ways to start a business this holiday season.

Leaf Raking – There are plenty of people around the neighborhood who would pay really well to have their yard cleaned up by a young entrepreneur.  Bonus: you can jump in the leaf piles as many times as you want (as long as things are cleaned up in the end).


Greeting Cards – This is big business during the holiday season, and personalized, hand-made cards are incredibly popular.  Use photos from trips, drawing of the backyard, stamps, or any other creative design.  Blank cards are available at any craft store.

Design Holiday Ornaments – Take items from the backyard or a nature walk, or create designs out of craft store clay.  Personalized ornaments can be sold for even more money.

Gift Wrapping Services – Fancy paper? Check.  Tape?  Check.  Colorful ribbons?  Check.  With just a small upfront purchase of supplies, you can create a whole assembly line for wrapping neighborhood gifts.  Just be sure to keep track of which gifts belong to which neighbor!

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