Customer Service

Offering good customer service is important to being a successful business owner and salesperson.  Good customer service keeps customers happy and coming back for more.  Satisfied customers provide repeat business and referrals.  Dissatisfied customers complain to twice as many people.

Follow these Seven Steps of the Sale to be both successful and courteous:

  1. Pre-approach: preparation before you try for a sale – professional appearance, being knowledgeable about products/services as well as the customer.
  2. Approach: friendly greeting, giving the customer your full attention and making a good first impression. Remember the “magic words” discussed earlier.
  3. Determining customer needs: finding out what the customer wants and listening carefully.
  4. Demonstration of product: explaining the features and benefits of the product, focusing on the customer wants and needs.
  5. Answering objections: being knowledgeable about the product or service when customers have concerns that cause them to not want to buy.
  6. Suggestive selling: selling products that go together, like hamburgers and French fries. An example would be “would you like a drink with that popcorn?”
  7. Closing the sale: Exchanging money for the product/service and thanking the customer. Remember the “magic words” discussed earlier.

Don’t forget to use these “magic words” when you’re working with customers!


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