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Nick Bain, creator of the Switchport

Interview with a Successful Crowd Funder

Nick Bain has been an entrepreneur for most of his life.  He’s had different businesses and ideas, but the most recent one, the Switchport, really took off recently.  In fall 2014, Nick decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to promote…


Success Story: The Bite Sized Bakery

Meet Lexie Ross, age 11, who created and runs The Bite Sized Bakery.  She makes delicious cake-pops with fun themes, and aims to raise money to buy a horse.  Lexie won the 6-11 age category for the 2014 Celebration for…


Success Story: Jasey’s Little Bakery

Meet Jasey Chanders, age 14, who created and runs Jasey’s Little Bakery.  She provide gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free — but not taste-free! — baked goods.  Jasey won the 12-15 age category for the 2014 Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs youth…


Y.E.S. — Aahhh 2Js Lemonade

Nyla Higgs is 11 years old and runs her own lemonade business.  She has loyal customers, a great pricing strategy, and she knows her target audience.  Watch as Nyla answers some burning questions about her business and shares her success…

Nic Ansuini of Wild Wood Pens sells during the Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace.

Success Story: Wild Wood Pens

Nic Ansuini is a long-time, successful entrepreneur.  He started his business when he was just 11 years old, and has been carving wood pens and other beautiful creations for years now.  Nic recently spoke to our Be Your Own Boss…

Y.E.S. – Ear Bling Earrings

Learn a bit more about Stephanie’s company Ear Bling Earrings. Topics include: – About Ear Bling Earrings – How she got the idea to start her company, – How she got her products into a store