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Nick Bain, creator of the Switchport

Interview with a Successful Crowd Funder

Nick Bain has been an entrepreneur for most of his life.  He’s had different businesses and ideas, but the most recent one, the Switchport, really took off recently.  In fall 2014, Nick decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to promote…

Aahdi's Holiday Ornaments 001

How Much? How Many?

Many people ask about the best approach to the Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace when it comes to price and quantity of goods.  Below is an example of a simple equation, that can help guide you to the best answer.  In the…

Join Go Code Colorado

Want to solve some local business problems?  Know a bit about coding?  Join Go Code Colorado for a state-wide competition to build apps that make local businesses run better.

$25,000 to Young Entrepreneurs

Staples is giving away $25,000 to young entrepreneurs!  Check out how to enter and win here.  Great way to get your business the key items you need!


How to Price Your Products

How much should your item cost?  Here’s how to figure that out. 1. First you’ll need to determine the total costs of one of your products.  You may have to add up ALL your costs and then divide by the…