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Meet Hanimals

Hannah runs her own greeting card business, but each card has a twist!  She showcases fun stuffed animals in each card, and then donates proceeds to help save endangered polar bears.  Learn more about Hannah and her greeting card company…

Nick Bain, creator of the Switchport

Interview with a Successful Crowd Funder

Nick Bain has been an entrepreneur for most of his life.  He’s had different businesses and ideas, but the most recent one, the Switchport, really took off recently.  In fall 2014, Nick decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to promote…


Meet Flair Body Care

Claire and Finn run Flair Body Care.  Hear about their products, listen to their story, and learn about their successes.


Success Story: Jasey’s Little Bakery

Meet Jasey Chanders, age 14, who created and runs Jasey’s Little Bakery.  She provide gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free — but not taste-free! — baked goods.  Jasey won the 12-15 age category for the 2014 Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs youth…


Video Promotion for Your Business

Many young business owners ask about how to market themselves online, and we share that video is the number one driver of engagement across digital platforms and portals, it educates, informs, inspires, and engages and its fun. YouTube is less…