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Startup Tools: Online Surveys

Online Surveys What colors of your product do your customers want for the holidays?  Ask them to take a survey.  These services are free up to a certain number of questions in the survey. SurveyMonkey Wufoo


How to Price Your Products

How much should your item cost?  Here’s how to figure that out. 1. First you’ll need to determine the total costs of one of your products.  You may have to add up ALL your costs and then divide by the…


Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial thinking requires that you view the world differently. You can learn to view situations from a different perspective by observing and listening carefully. Business opportunities are everywhere; you just have to learn how to recognize them when you come across them….


Startup Tools: Budgeting and Accounting

It’s important to keep your finances in good shape.  Use these online tools to track purchases, sales and other expenses. (Some of these are free and others charge a fee. Be sure to explore the options that are right for…

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What, How, and Why of Your Business

So you want to run a business? Awesome!  It’s a great idea to start off answering lots of these questions below so you know what you’re doing with your business, and why. What is your product or service? Where will…