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How Much? How Many?

Many people ask about the best approach to the Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace when it comes to price and quantity of goods.  Below is an example of a simple equation, that can help guide you to the best answer.  In the…


Video Promotion for Your Business

Many young business owners ask about how to market themselves online, and we share that video is the number one driver of engagement across digital platforms and portals, it educates, informs, inspires, and engages and its fun. YouTube is less…

Y.E.S. – Ear Bling Earrings

Learn a bit more about Stephanie’s company Ear Bling Earrings. Topics include: – About Ear Bling Earrings – How she got the idea to start her company, – How she got her products into a store

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35 Keys to Business Success By Jake Jabs

These 35 short pieces of advise will help you throughout owning your business! Here are a few good ones: 17. Challenge yourself. 18. Be a risk taker. 22. If you enjoy what you are doing you may never have to work a day…

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32 Quotes for Young Entrepreneurs to Remember

From Forbes Magazine, these quotes will give you inspiration, knowledge and help you keep growing with your business.  “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein Read all the quotes here.