tumblr_inline_mwgxq7tsS01s6o3hkEntrepreneurship is about turning an idea into a business. It’s about creating something that did not exist before.

Entrepreneurs solve problems and build businesses.  They invent and design.  Many of them fail, too.  But that’s OK, because being an entrepreneur means learning how to fail quickly.  It means learning from that failure so you can find the next thing to explore.

There are many traits that a lot of entrepreneurs share, including creativity, willingness to take a risk, self-motivation, and others. But even if you don’t have some of these traits, you could still be an entrepreneur.

There is no formal process to become an entrepreneur.  But the Builders Lab can help you get started, think creatively, get some feedback, provide inspiration, and examine opportunities.  So please explore and share as much as you’d like.  Share your own stories so others can learn from you.  If you have feedback or would like to see information on something, tell us here.

This is your space.  Welcome to the Builders Lab.

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