10 Business Ideas for…

2014_YEM_Bows…Making Stuff

Check out these 10 business ideas for being crafty and creative!

  1. Design personalized greeting cards or t-shirts
  2. Create jewelry
  3. Grow and sell garden produce
  4. Make gift baskets
  5. Sell lemonade, slushy, popcorn, or candy apple stand
  6. Make crafts – candles, ornaments, bird feeders, potted plants, custom kites
  7. Design clothes, hats, scarves, belts
  8. Face painting at local street fairs or neighborhood block parties
  9. Make costumes
  10. Produce kids’ lunches for mom who are too busy


Using Technology

Explore these 10 ideas that involved your phone, laptop, or iPad.

1. Creating websites
2. Targeted email marketingScreen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.45.35 AM
3. Word processing
4. Designing business cards, signs, fliers, brochures, etc…
5. Computer programming/software development
6. Transferring home videos/slides to DVD
7. Computer purchasing consultant
8. Beta-testing
9. Teaching computer skills to seniors
10. Computer maintenance, virus protection, back-ups, network management

Serving Other Businesses

Lots of businesses out there need help.  Here are a few ways you can help them out:

1. Maintaining lawn, gardens, and parking lot
2. Office helper and odd jobs
3. Trash and recycling removal
4. Envelope addressing, stuffing, and mailing
5. Photographing products and business location
6. Organization of files, warehouse inventory
7. Research and reporting
8. Mobile vending – coffee, juice, snacks
9. Flyer and brochure distribution
10. Local delivery service

Providing Personal Services

This is a great area to explore starting a business.  Here are 10 ideas:

1. School tutoring
2. Planning kid parties/magic shows
3. Dance organizer/DJ
4. Musician or music tutortumblr_inline_n0zzim50VB1s6o3hk
5. Reading for seniors or blind people
6. Moving people locally
7. Gift shopping and wrapping
8. Grocery shopping
9. Personal trainer/coach
10. Running errands for seniors

Around the House

Mom and Dad need help too – and may be willing to pay you.  Here are some ways to start.

1. Babysitting/Parent’s helper
2. House and garage cleaning
3. Yard work
4. House sitter
5. Painting/small household repairs
6. Pet care/pet walking
7. Home pool care
8. Laundry service/pickup and delivery
9. Organization of various collections/books, DVDs
10. Weekly car washing/cleaning

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